Photography The Way Home by Lawrie  Dignan

The Way Home

The Way Home  6 3/4" x 10" 2009
The original pen and ink image was based on a photograph of an Inukshuk raised in Hudson Bay. That image was shown in daylight with the color of the monument showing browns and reds. I stylized what I saw in the photograph to an evening view with dark rock and the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky.

Inukshuk (ee-nook-shook or ee-nook-sook) is an Inuktitut word that means to look like a person (an Inuk). It is a stone cairn, which has been used by the Inuit people to mark high points of land, good hunting and fishing spots or the way home. Inuit have been building Inuksuit (ee-nook-soo-eet / plural) for thousands of years. It is a symbol of trust and reassurance for those who travel across the vastness of the Arctic.