Drawing In Dreams by Lawrie  Dignan

In Dreams

offering One Oversize Giclee of "In Dreams" @  26" x 20" 

The oversize image was used as a Banner for the Jewish Seniors Alliance of Greater Vancouver in 2016

This image, or ones similar to it originated in dreams I would have many years ago. At work some days, I’d see so much brush or bush that these bubbles of branches were super imposed in my subconscious mind. I’m thinking that seeing them float by in my dreams was just a way to unwind from the days work so that I would relax and go to sleep.

Undersize for Proof 12 1/8 " x 9 1/16"  $130.00 1 Available
Undersize proof 13" x 10" $130.00  1 Available

Full size pricing is on demand and is to be determined.

$300.00 CAD