Photography Entrance Island Lighthouse  by Lawrie  Dignan

Entrance Island Lighthouse

Entrance Island  Lighthouse   15 “ x 20 “  
pen and ink on paper        2010

This image was drawn from a photograph of Entrance Island Lighthouse taken while on a BC Ferry trip to Vancouver (Tsawassen) via Nanaimo in 2010.

For nearly 140 years the Entrance Island Lighthouse has been a beacon shining across the waters of Georgia Strait to guide seafarers and aviators safely to their destination. The lighthouse, which has been manned since its construction in the mid-1870s, is located off the northeast tip of Gabriola Island. (Nanaimo Bulletin May, 2012 )

Sale proceeds from the original pen and ink image were donated to support the protection of the Flycatcher Forest on Pender Island by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation  and the Pender Island Conservancy.