An Okanagan Tapestry by Lawrie  Dignan

An Okanagan Tapestry

my image, Okanagan Tapestry has been licensed to the Penticton Writers and Publishers Group for their book of Short Stories, Poetry and Artwork from selected Okanagan Artists

An Okanagan Tapestry
Stories, Poems & Images from Okanagan Writers & Artists
Published by Penticton Writers and Publishers

This anthology features a collection of short stories, poems and images from Okanagan writers and artists. Copies will soon be on the bookshelves at your local library and bookstores.
Copies of the anthology are being offered at a pre-published purchase price of $10 per copy. Once published the book will retail for $14.95. Don’t delay - order now. Cheques payable to PWAP (Penticton Writers and Publishers)  Please mail to - 4011 Finnerty Road, Penticton, V2A 8W2